Tourist and Important places near to our Club.





Kumband is the Head quarters of the Indian Pentecostal Church of God (IPC) is the Largest, Indigenous, Pentecostal Movement in India, with its headquarters named Hebron. The movement was established in 1924 and registered on December 9, 1935 at Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, under with the Government of India Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 with the Registration number 9/1935-36.

Many men of God, dedicated their lives and worked hard for the extension of God's Kingdom and because of their sacrificial efforts, today IPC is the Largest Indigenous Pentecostal Movement in the World originated outside the United States. One could find members of this organization in most of the continents.





Aranmula in Pathanamthitta district is 11 kms from Our Club; Aranmula is famous for the metal mirror (Aranmula Kannadi) and the centuries old Vaishnavite Temple and the Sree Parthasarathy temple on the banks of the Holy River Pampa, is fast turning into a cultural tourism centre in the State with growing  number of foreign tourists visiting the place. Every year, tourists from Australia, Canada, England, Switzerland, besides many other European countries reach Aranmula.

The Vasthuvidhya Gurukulam, a state run autonomous institution under the cultural affairs Department of Kerala is at Aranmula.


Aranmula Jalosawam (Snake Boat race)

The Holy River Pampa is the life line of Central Travancore and the Snake boats (Chundan valloms) are one of the cultural gift to the Keralites by the 'River Pampa'. The major snake boat races are conducted in the Pampa waters at various localities, via Ayroor, Malakkara, Chengannur, Mannar, Neeretupuram, Payipadu, Pulinkunnu and Allapuzha as well as Aranmula. The snake boat race (chundan Vallom kali) is one of the important "Traditional Game" in Kerala.

One of the most important boat races is being conducted at Aranmula in the River Pampa. Aranmula Boat festival is connected to the Annual Onam Festival of Kerala. Annually about 35 Snake boats other wise called 'Palliyodams' participate in the Aranmula 'Uthruttathy Jalolswom'. The Aranmula Jalolswam is steadily and fast growing into a great international event in India. The Aranmula Boat race is the biggest domestic tourist event which attracts millions every year. This spectacular regatta has found its own place in the international tourist map and every year a large number of tourists come over to Kerala to watch this boat race.

"Palliyodams" are given the sanctity of a temple due to faith in the presence of the deity. "Parthasarathy" (Lord Krishna), of the holy shrine of the Aranmula Temple. Snake boat pageantry is held as a part of the anniversary celebrations of the 'Idol' installation of Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple believed to have been held centuries ago on an Uthruttathy day in Chingam, 1st calendar month of Malayalam Era. This legendary festival is a great annual event of Central Travancore. It has religious, artistic and social overtones. No where else in the world would there be such an event with  millions of people taking part ( one Eanam and Thalam). It has no parallel as it is commemorative of an ancient tradition rooted about 600 years in history. The Aranmula Jalolswom is steadily growing into a great international event in India and abroad. The "Discovery Television channel has beamed the beauty of the Aranmula Snake boat race all over the World.

Aranmula Boat race has manifold significance. It has contributed immensely to the communal harmony as it has become a cosmopolitan, social event, participated by people of all religions, age and creed. It attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists. Unlike the sporting and competitive aspects of other boat races artistic, social and religious  too aspects are given importance.  



Aranmula Kannady (Metal Mirror)


The famous 'Aranmula Kannady' is made in this village by the traditional craftsmen. It is not made of glass but with bell metal. This is a unique art which is not found any where else in the world. Its techniques is handed down from generation to generation.

The Aranmula Kannady is a unique object, mysterious in its creation unequalled in its beauty. The metal mirror, a marvel in the annals of metallurgy was in vogue long before the appearance of today's Silicon synthetic glass mirror.It was in use far off Egypt and Bagdad. Its creation is a closely guarded secret, known to a few families .



(36 km from Pathanamthitta via Vachoochira)The Perunthenaruvi waterfalls on the banks of the Pamba river is a favourite picnic spot for both domestic and foreign tourists


The Kaviyoor Trikkukkudi Cave Temple

Location:About 5 km east of Thiruvalla,Pathanamthitta district,south Kerala.

Attractions : Rock Cut Cave Temple

Located on the banks of the river Manimala, Kaviyoor is famous for its temples. The Kaviyoor Trikkukkudi Cave Temple, also known as the Rock Cut Cave Temple, is of historical importance and is preserved as a monument by the Archaeological Department. It bears close resemblance to the Pallava style of architecture and has prompted historians to date it to a period as early as the eighth century AD.

The engravings here are among the earliest specimens of stone sculptures in Kerala. Enshrined in a square cave is the main deity of the shrine Lord Siva represented in the ' Sivalinga' which is about three feet high and carved out of rock. The shrine also has idols of Ganapathy, Maharshi and Dwarapalakas.

Another noted shrine in Kaviyoor is the Hanuman Temple which stands on a small hillock and is built in the gable style architecture peculiar to Kerala.

Getting there:

Nearest railway station: Thiruvalla, about 5 km from Kaviyoor.


Started in 1896, the Maramon Convention is held annually by the Mar Thoma Evangelistic Association (MTEA), the missionary wing of the Mar Thoma Church. It is on the banks of the River Pamba at Maramon near Kozhencherry in Pathanamthitta District. Usually held in the month of February, the convention is attended by thousands from all over India, and is a centre of Christian culture and influence. The annual weeklong gathering is a great occasion for listening to evangelists and eminent exponents of the Bible from around the world. Missionaries of the Evangelistic Association also come and share their experiences with the believers.

Maramon and Kozhencherry, on the banks of the river Pampa 7 kilometres east of Our Club, have for centuries been recognised as centres of Christian culture and influence. Maramon is also famous as the birth place of Palakkunnathu Abraham Maplah, leader of the reformation in the Syrian Church of Malabar in the 19th century. This village which developed into a town has the added distinction of being the venue of a religious gathering known as Maramon Convention, said to be the largest Christian gathering in Asia.

It is during the month of February on the vast sand-bed of the river Pampa below the Kozhemcherry bridge that the Maramon Convention is held every year. About a week before the convention, the sandbed becomes a scene of great activity. Christians from the parishes around Maramon are seen carrying Cadjan, leaves and bamboo poles and other materials for erecting the convention pandal. The pandal has a seating capacity of about fifty thousand. All round the pandal there are temporary sheds and tents for various purposes furthering the objects of the Convention. Stalls for the sale of religious literature, church offices and restaurants are allowed to operate in the vicinity of the pandal under the strict control of the authorities. Long valloms (boats) with canopies, and stored with provisions for the use of families from distant places lie anchored in the river.

The Maramon Convention is pre-eminently an assembly of Christians who once a year come here for listening to the Word of God as read and expounded by leaders of Christian thought from all over India as well as abroad. Preaching and Bible study occupy the major part of the conference programme. Along with the religious reading and discourse, singing of hymns and praying for the sick and the needy are also held. It is grand sight to behold the sea of humanity offer prayers for the sick and the suffering for half and hour every day for a week. Prayer and worship at the convention accompanied by singing is a wonderful experience for every participant- an experience which purges and cleanses his soul and draws him closer to God and to his fellowmen.

The Maramon Convention displays co-operation and union between different sections of Church in Kerala. It fosters ecumenical outlook. It is also a source of spiritual inspiration and enlightenment for thousands.

 This is perhaps the largest Christian convention in Asia.

Cherukolpuzha Convention

Ayiroor Cherukolpuzha religious convention is another important annual feature on the river bed of Pamba. This famous Hindu religious convention is attended by a large number of people and addressed by prominent religious scholars and cultural personalities


Charalkunnu is a picturesque hill station from where one can have a panoramic view of the low lying areas including that of the sinuous river Pumpa. There is a comfortable camp house which has both rooms and dormitories


Kadammanitta, a village only 8 kms away from Pathanamthitta is famous for padayani,which is an important ritual art performed in the premises of the Kadamanitta .Devi Temple. This art from is an offering for the mother goddess. it is celebrated every year from the first day of Medam (Malayalam -era)to the 10th day (pathmudayam).
Nearest Bus Station - Patthanamthitta
Patthanamthitta to Kadammanitta - 8kms.


Kakki reservoir, set in sylvan background, is a 'tourists' delight. The splendid artificial lake offers exhilarating boating experience . The surrounding forest abounds in tigers, elephants, deers and monkeys.


Mar Ignatitus Elias 111, The holly Patriarch of Anthioch, while on his visit to India, died at this place in 1932. His mortal remains are kept in this church. Later this place  developed into a place of pilgrimage , Even today,pilgrims Indians as well as foreigners, visit this place frequently. The important festival is in February every year when devotees flock in thousands.


Situated about six kms. away from the headquarters of the Thiruvalla Revenue Division, Niranam is famous from very ancient times. Niranam derives its importance mainly from the Orthodox Syrian Church there, which is believed to be one of the seven churches founded by St.Thomas himself. It is only a few yards away from this place that the great Malayalam poets known as the Kannassa Panickers lived and wrote their main poetic works. A site has been identified to put up a memorial for them.


Omallor is known to outsides for the famous 'Rakthakantha swamy Temple' and the annual cattle fair known as Vayalvanibham, which is held in the Malayalam month of Meenam. People from very distant places and even from outside the state participate in this fair. Omallore is five kms south of the District headquarters.
Patthanamthitta to Omalloor - 5kms.
Railway Station - Thiruvalla
Patthanamthitta - Thiruvalla - 30kms.(by Road)


Pandalam is perhaps second only to Sabarimala in sanctity and significance . Lord Ayyappa, the presiding deity of Sabarimala, the son of the King of Pandalam. It is believed that the raja constructed a temple close to his palace on the banks of the river Achenkoil, modelled on the Sabarimala shrine which is the present Valiyakoyikkal temple. Pilgrims usually offer worship here before proceeding to Sabarimala .Three days prior to Makaravilakku , this sacred ornaments for Lord Ayyappa are taken in the procession from Panthalam to Sabarimala
Nearest Railway Station - Chengannoor
Chengannur to Pandalam - 14 kms.


It is here that Mar Gregories Metropolitan the declared saint of Malankara Orthodox Church takes his eternal rest . The ormapperunnal celebrated on the first and second of every November, is very famous at this time a large number of people flock to this place for worship .The Travancore Devasam board has setup here a collage known as pampa college
Nearest Bus Station - Thiruvalla
Thiruvalla to Parumala -10kms.


Sree Vallabha temple here is one
of the important pilgrim centres of Vaishnavites all over India  A granite pillar carved out of single piece with an image of Garuda on its top stands in front of the temple The pillar, which serves as a flag staff, is 60ft high kathakali, the folk art of kerala, is performed almost on all days in this temple as offerings by devotes

Thiruvalla is the headquarters of the Malankara Marthoma Syrian Church. The Palikara Church here contains exquisite mural paintings.

Sree Vallabha Temple - 3kms. from Railway Station


As characteristic of Kerala as the 600km long coastline of dazzling beaches is the dense, lush backwaters of the state. And while hill stations are all over the country and palm-fringed beaches too, the backwaters are unique to Kerala.

The 75 kilometre long sparkling network of rivers, canals, lakes, lagoons and tiny streamlets between Quilon and Cochin and beyond to Trivandrum, of which the Kuttanad (backwaters) consist are akin to a tropical land of canals.

How else can one describe mile after mile of coastal lagoons, shaded by thick groves of palms, that meander past two huts-and-a-coconut-palm hamlets, white churches, temples and mosques and iridescent green paddy fields, behind betelnut farms, around floating markets and below tiny picturesque bridges? Almost like a film zig-zagging from shot to shot, views alter rapidly here - one moment you are floating down a glittering rivulet through thickets of palms, watching a kingfisher pop in and out of the water fishing for hors d' oeuvres and the next moment you have glided right into the middle of sunny lake clearing.


Sunrise at Kuttanad




The pride of Kerala and a testimony to nature's splendour and human innovation, the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on the banks of the Periyar lake - an artificial lake, at Thekkady.   Here the high ranges of the Western Ghats are clothed in dense evergreen, moist deciduous forests and savannah grass lands.   Below this thick green canopy roam herds of elephants, sambars, tigers, gaurs, lion tailed macaques and Nilgiri langurs.


In addition to elephant rides, cruises on the lake and treks to the ruined Mangala Devi temple - a beautiful old stone temple situated in the heart of the Thekkady forest, this sanctuary offers the unique opportunity to watch  and photograph wild elephants at close quarters.


The Periyar Widlife sanctuary is spread across 777 sq km, of which 360 sq km is thick evergreen forest, the Periyar Wiild Life Sanctuary was declared a Tiger Reserve in 1978.  Noted for its geomorphology, diversity of wildlife and scenic beauty, the Reserve attracts visitors from all over the world and  is one of the world's most fascinating natural wildlife reserves.

 130 KM DRIVE to Thekkadi from  our Club will be pleasant experience because of very beautiful hilly countryside



The splendid artificial lake formed by the Mullaperiyar Dam across the Periyar River adds to the charm of the park.  This is the only sanctuary in India where you can have the unique experience of viewing wildlife at close quarters from the safety of  a boat on the lake.  The greatest attraction of Periyar, however are the herds of wild elephants that come down to the play in the lake.


Kerala is a land of temples perhaps the best known pilgrimage destination in Kerala is Sabarimala, high up in the Sahyadri Mountains. Sabarimala Sri Dharmasastha Temple is the most famous and prominent among all the Sastha Temples. Sabarimala is 90Km from the club.

The shrine of Sabarimala is one of the most remote shrines in southern India yet it still draws three to four million pilgrims each year. Before beginning the multi-day walk through the mountain jungles to get to Sabarimala, the pilgrims prepare themselves with 41 days of rigorous fasting, celibacy, meditation and prayer. The pilgrimage begins in the month of November and ends in January. The temple attracts pilgrims not only from the southern states of India, but also from other parts of the country and abroad. Finally arriving at the shrine, the pilgrims will wait in line for hours, even days, to have one or two seconds in front of the image of Lord Ayappa. After seeing the deity, many pilgrims will complete a vow called Shayana Pradikshanam.

The Sabarimala shrine is only open a few times each year, viz ,the Mandalam festival covering 41 days from November 15 to December 26; the Makaravilakku from January 1-14; on Vishu, the day of the vernal equinox in April; and during smaller festivals in May/June and August/September. The shrine, unlike many in southern India is open to persons of all religious callings, and there are no caste restrictions during the pilgrimage. However, women - unless they are younger than six or older than sixty - are not allowed to come to Sabarimala.


Sabarimala temple complex mainly comprises of the Holy Eighteen Steps (PONNU PATHINETTAMPADI) in the front side for ascending to the upper thirumuttom, the main temple of SREE DHARMA SASTHA, shrines of KANNIMEL GANAPTHY and NAGARAJA. The pilgrims with IRU MUDI KETTU alone are permitted to ascend the Holy Eighteen Steps. Those who crosses all these steps is believed to achieve "Punyadarshan".

The Divine Pamba

The divine Pampa plays an important role in the Sabarimala pilgrimage. Pamba is the most important and holy spot on the way to Sannidhanam. It is here Lord Ayyappa was found by King Rajasekara.The Pampa river is as holy as the ganges. The Pampa water purifies one from curse and evil. Neelimala, Appachimedu, Sabareepeedam, Saramkuthi are the other divine places enroute. At Pampa also there are a few pilgrim sheds.


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